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On February 3, 2010, ITS made a change to the Network Time Protocol (NTP) For Windows, the default NTP server is, and for Macs, the

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Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 includes support for Network Time Protocol (NTP), which enables devices to receive time when NITZ is not supported or when May 26, 2012 - I'm trying get the datetime from NTP server, I'm using the following code: using System NTP is a UDP protocol, not TCP. The Windows Time service uses the complex suite of algorithms in Network Time Protocol (NTP) to ensure that clocks on computers throughout a network are as

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Jump to Windows Time service - All Microsoft Windows versions since Windows 2000 and Windows XP include the Windows Time service ("W32Time"),?Marzullo's algorithm -?NTP pool -?Precision Time Protocol -?Clock the internet cluster of ntp general discussion of NTP there's the comp.protocols.time.ntp newsgroup. If you are using the standard ntpd daemon to serve time to the public internet, Aug 29, 2006 - This is because in Windows 2000 the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) was used and was configured with the NET TIME command. Now Set the PDC emulator to synchronize with a valid Network Time Protocol (NTP) source. If you have not configured a source, the Windows Time service logs aAug 25, 2011 - Q. How often do Windows Azure VMs synchronize their internal clocks to ensure they are keeping accurate time? A. This basic question comes Describes the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) time servers that are available on the computers sync from the Microsoft NTP server (

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